To provide a corporate day aimed at highlighting Diversity, Discrimination and Inclusion with an emphasis on fun. The event would run simultaneously over 4 sites  London, Dublin, Belfast and India for a total of 220 BT staff of all ages and with varying levels of fitness and mobility.  Achieve on time within allocated budget.


Provide all necessary scenarios and equipment needed for the event, including clearing Indian customs to accomodate a pre-event video link training session.


Three weeks lead time to the delivery of the event.


Think Forensic provided scenarios and shipped equipment to each of the venues. Kits contained a crime scene and equipment with full instructions for participant workstations. Staff in India, Belfast and Dublin were trained prior to the event via video link including setting up their crime scene and facilitating the workstations. Think Forensic staff delivered the event in London on the day and were connected to other locations via video link. Each workstation featured a forensic analysis combining soft skills required by the brief.


A highly successful event delivered on time and within budget addressing the issues the company required.


“Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Sue and the team for a fabulous day. Think Forensic were able to help with any queries we had and were able to have a video call to chat everyone through how to work the equipment which was very helpful. Great for a company team working day or group event. All the venues loved it, it ticked all the criteria boxes and I would highly recommend it to anyone ”

Lisa Wilson
BT Belfast