Forensic Challenge events are fun, intercative and suitable for delegates from all businesses and occupations.

What makes forensic challenge different?

Science proves that the best way to retain learning is to make it fun, memorable and practical, at Forensic Challenge we do that in abundance.

Deductive skills, problem-solving and team-building come as standard elements at every one of our sessions, but it’s the extra value we offer through our crime scene scenarios and professional staff that makes us the best choice for your company.


Regardless of whether you are looking to motivate or train your staff, each event is customised to suit your company. Plots behind  the stories can accomodate  specific themes or messages allowing us to tackle relevant issues within your team. It’s a fun, unique way to help staff exercise their diplomacy, fact-finding and deductive skills through interpretation of evidence.


Our storylines bring practical communication skills to the fore. Delegates will practise active listening in order to stimulate answers and conversations, vocalise accurately and specifically to determine and convey facts, find common ground with differing opinions, display empathy with victims and suspects, negotiate equipment versus budgets, present facts in press releases and briefings.


Questioning and problem solving are integral skills to any business, our story lines, murder scenarios and observation sets bring out key problem-solving skills while piecing together diverse information streams and identifying proceedures to action.


Many jobs today involve working across a variety of groups.  We place people in situations designed to demonstrate the necessity of joint working and good practice to be succesful across the business environment.


We will allocate roles within our scenarios. Staff will develop the ability to take charge and manage co-workers allowing senior leaders to highlight future leaders. Bringing cross functional teams together in scenarios outside their comfort zone develops understanding of current roles and pushes the boundaries of communication.

Increase Productivity

Our events are fun, group activities where your staff are encouraged to enjoy themselves, gel with others and end the day feeling fulfilled. Developing a reinvigorated and refreshed attitude to work and leading to an increase in productivity.