Forensic Challenge staff are from crime investigation backgrounds and each are highly trained in their specialist field. They have been responsible for taking the lead in serious crimes and incidents, managing manpower and budgets, interviewing high profile offenders and vulnerable witnesses as well as working analytically to solve the case. Based on their professional skills and training we offer a range of workshops aimed at businesses of all types and sizes. Each topic can be delivered as a standalone workshop, or can be incorporated into a morning, afternoon, or full day session.

Leadership and Management

Our senior investigating officers have a wealth of experience in managing staff, budgets, and logistics whilst handling the pressures of solving serious crimes in tight timescales under the watchful eye of the press and public. This workshop draws upon their experiences and looks at how to prioritise and delegate, communicate with staff and get the best out of them. Also making the best of budgets and handling pressures of running a business.

Communication and presentation skills

Communication has been an integral part of our staff’s careers for many years, whether dealing with vulnerable people, traumatised witnesses or hardened criminals good interaction is key. 

We believe the way you communicate and the way you interact using none-verbal body language can make a real difference to your business.

This workshop focuses on effective communication and presentation skills and  how they can be used everyday when dealing with customers. staff and collegues.


Interview Techniques

Our staff include ex crime investigation officers who are specially trained in cognitive interview techniques; though you won’t be interrogating suspects, many of these skills they use can be put to good use when recruiting, during appraisals, or when filtering customers’ needs.


In the corporate world skills and talent are often masked by involvment in everyday tasks. Our scenarios allow staff to relate to co-workers and build relationships whilst realising their own and each others true potential.

Personal Management Skills

Delegates are required to manage multipe scenes, set priorities and have the flexibiliity to adapt to changing conditions as our specially designed scenarios unfold. Specific tasks and roles within our crimes will help highlight current leaders whilst spotting new potential is easy as we put your team through their paces.

Learning skills

Following clear, detailed instruction, and using specialist, unfamiliar equipment highlights staff who show an aptitude for learning, developing and changing. Our scenarios make learning new skills fun and develop an open mindset to change and learning.